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Industry alignment that brings students closer to jobs

As the changes in the industry outpace curriculum updates in colleges, the gap between industry requirements and education needs to be filled.

 By collaborating with MindMatrix , colleges incorporate priorities of the industry through specialized industry-aligned programs. As part of this program, students get access to technological advancements, industry priorities, domain knowledge and best practices that the industries follow. Moreover, through the program, students develop a wide range of supporting skills such as critical thinking, team work, analytical reasoning and research.

How we do

Area of specialisations for enhancing employability

Business Analytics
iCloud Computing
Internet of Things
smart cities
Automation Technology
Electric vehicles
Green Mobility (Railway Technology)
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Enhancing the employability of your students

PLEx score – the employability index

PLEx stands for Participate, Learn and Explore.

PLEx assesses the overall development of students during the course of their education. The use of the PLEx score helps the students gauge their competencies against industry expectations.

How do the colleges benefit?

Improved quality and relevance of education
Increase in student enrollment
Enhanced profile and opportunity for student graduates lead recognition to the college
Exponential progress in quality & quantity of placements
Better aligned for global engagements and representations
State-Of-The-Art teaching methodology
Cost effective online learning delivery for quality education
Skilled & upskilled faculty
Strong & connected alumni network

Mindmatrix App

Our courseware delivery is facilitated by Mindmatrix App.  The platform is powered by a robust learning engine designed to host the courseware, deliver it effectively, track and support students.