Know More arrow_right_alt Magnify the usage
of local resources
Know More arrow_right_alt Actualize impact of
growth in
rural areas
Know More arrow_right_alt Knowledge and
innovation building
Know More arrow_right_alt Encourage
‘Vocal for local’,
support indigenous
product & technologies
Take a pledge arrow_right_alt Support and facilitate
adoption of
native knowledge

Engaging creative minds via technology

How do the colleges benefit?

Improved quality and relevance of education
Increase in student enrollment
Enhanced profile and opportunity for student graduates lead recognition to the college
Exponential progress in quality & quantity of placements
Better aligned for global engagements and representations
State-Of-The-Art teaching methodology
Cost effective online learning delivery for quality education
Skilled & upskilled faculty
Strong & connected alumni network
Unique structure aligned to the Industry needs

Academic Track

Foundation courses
  1. Overview of the Technology or Domain Space
  2. Prerequisite Skills
  3. Technology or Domains Fundamental courses
Advanced courses
  1. Advanced courses and Hands-On Training
  2. Professional Certification Test
  1. Technology aligned Near Real Life project
  2. Hands-On training and support, reviews
  3. Professional Certification Test (SDLC based)
Cross Skills
  1. Introduction to other key technologies and their relationship with the selected  track

Program started with IBM in 2011, till now!

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Student-hours Interactive sessions
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Students enrolled
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Visits of Industry experts
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Student-hours of course delivered
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Completed programs
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HR Round-table
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Research reports

Students' Contribution

5K LinkedIn Profiles

2K Technical papers

8K+ Wikis / Blog

2K Posters

8K+ Discussion Threads

2K Major and 6K Minor Projects

1K Business Plans