Helping companies hire trained and better candidates

Industry develops the solutions that are relevant for the society and in the process, generates wealth for the economy. Industry needs skilled and multi-faceted employees who can be a part of their team in innovating products and processes.


Industry needs to partner with academia to enhance the level of educational institutions to match it with the industry expectation.




“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


_Helen Keller



Collaborating with the best minds in the business to reimage education delivery

MindMatrix Labs and its partners collaborate to develop comprehensive course curricula that are tuned to the industry needs.  The trends in the industry’s technologies, processes and methodologies provide the framework for creating our industry-aligned programs.


Partners help with:


  • Identify the trend and define the skills needed to address these trends
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Designing  and developing the content
  • Providing subject matter experts
  • Awarding certificates to graduating students.

How does industry benefit from this collaboration?

Our Industry Aligned Program has created a larger talent base. It has helped industries in finding talent from a larger pool of skilled resources. These skilled resources require lesser training time or bench time, which in turn reduces the training cost for an organization.

How do academic institutions benefit from this collaboration?

Our Industry Aligned Programs enhance the branding of an academic institute. This program helps an academic institution to align their curriculum, course content, session plans, assignments, etc. to suit the industry needs. With the involvement of industries in the academic institute, their faculty and students get training and certification from our Industry Partner. It has helped their students to be better placed in good organizations.


This collaborative effort enables students to get access to content from the top minds in the business and the leadership community. Our offering encompasses the widest array of integrated learning to continuously develop and maintain the skills of students. Our industry partners are responsible for the branding and certification after the programs are deemed complete.


Why our current partners have joined the program?

With this program, our current industry partners are able to reach out to the universities. They have made a tremendous impact on the employment capability through sharing their knowledge and best practices. In the process, they have created tremendous respect for their brands in the student community. Our current partners are actively involved and engaged in the educational process of a university. They expose students to different domains of technologies and expose them to the Project Life cycle thereby making them employable from Day 1

A partnership can make a huge difference. Let us help you impart relevant skills to students.

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